Curtin Mauritius is committed to producing graduates who demonstrate the graduate attributes. Students are presented with appropriate learning, teaching, and assessment experiences to enable them to develop and demonstrate the Curtin graduate attributes. The Curtin graduate attributes are explicitly communicated to staff and students in all course and unit documentation.

Curtin graduates demonstrate evidence, as appropriate to their disciplines, that they can:

  1.  Apply discipline knowledge, principles and concepts;
  2.  Think critically, creatively and reflectively;
  3.  Access, evaluate and synthesise information;
  4.  Communicate effectively;
  5.  Use technologies appropriately;
  6.  Utilise lifelong learning skills;
  7.  Recognise and apply international perspectives;
  8.  Demonstrate intercultural awareness and understanding; and
  9.  Apply professional skills.

In addition, graduates of research degrees demonstrate the ability to create knowledge through research.

Teaching, learning and assessment of the Curtin graduate attributes is assured through the normal course approval and review processes, and the monitoring of student learning experiences through student evaluation mechanisms.