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Charles Telfair centre

Platform for debate and exchange on Mauritius and the region

The Charles Telfair Centre is a multidisciplinary platform for cutting-edge knowledge sharing and debate in Mauritius. The Centre showcases rigorous analyses featuring best practices, pioneering initiatives, and creative solutions to support Mauritius and the region in their ability to respond to challenges and seize opportunities across social, economic and policy domains.

We offer a safe space where discourses can be challenged and innovative ideas and perspectives scrutinised. Through exchanges and reflections we are a catalyst for collaboration between private and public decision makers and thought leaders.

The centre’s activities are centred along four core themes:

  • Climate Change
  • Inclusive Growth and Development
  • Blue Economy
  • Digital Transformation

Our Activities:

  • Publication of original in-depth articles on the centre’s website
  • Signature events twice a year
  • Showcase of local and international research on the Centre’s themes
  • Host international researchers working on the Centre’s themes
  • Publication of monographs on the centre’s themes

The Charles Telfair Centre difference:

  • We are non-partisan and our publications are objective and evidence-based
  • With the Charles Telfair Campus, we are in partnership with Curtin University, a leader in cutting-edge research
  • We have access to an international pool of leading experts.
  • We step back from the news to decipher and produce quality in-depth analyses of current issues.
  • We remove silos and bring together academics, public and private practitioners to create synergies and generate dialogue and exchanges.
  • We propose multidisciplinary and diverse perspectives
  • We use collaboration, open source publications, dialogue and exchange to create virtuous circles of knowledge creation.

The Charles Telfair Centre is a non-profit initiative of the Charles Telfair Campus, Mauritius.

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