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Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

WIL stands for work-integrated learning, an umbrella term used to describe a range of approaches that integrate theory with the practice of work within purposefully designed curricular or co-curricular activities. Universities, students and employers


Curtin Mauritius will be a leader in Work Integrated Learning, engaging with all WIL stakeholders (students, alumni, faculty, academic partners, industry, business and community) to enhance the student experience and develop the professional capacity of all students to ensure their future career and life success.

What is in it for students?

The experience is invaluable and plays an important role in their preparation for the workforce. Through WIL activities within the industry they:

  • Have the opportunity to apply the theory and skills they learn at university in a workplace
  • Experience corporate culture/organizational behaviours
  • Test and showcase their graduate capabilities
  • Gain insights into potential job types that could interest them in the future
  • Develop networking opportunities for future employment

What is in it for industry?

Employers participate in WIL programs for different reasons.

  • For some employers, it is a recruitment pathway; an opportunity to closely examine the skills and suitability of students before they graduate
  • For others, it may provide an enthusiastic, short term ‘employee’ who can undertake projects or tasks which might not otherwise get done while providing existing employees opportunities to learn valuable mentoring and management skills
  • Other employers look at WIL as an opportunity to contribute to their industry and to society in general – the development of youth, the workforce of the future
  • Company gain visibility across all stakeholders and share their values

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