Work Integrated Learning: More Collaborations, Greater Empowerment

By 244391c

May 16, 2019

As usual, there’s plenty going on in our Work-Integrated Learning Programme.

We’ve given brilliant performances in national competitions and challenges.

The Curtin Mauritius team was the first runner-up at the Chartered Financial Accountant Research Challenge, and one Curtin Mauritius student won a special award for the JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Championship. 23 Curtin Mauritius Accounting & Finance and Banking students took part in the ICAEW 100 Competition, a university competition that aims to promote young business leaders. All of our students were ranked among the top 100, and two of them were ranked first in the Adaptability category! Congratulations to all the participants!

Partnerships between industry, NGOs and our students are perpetually occurring too. Our Screen Production students are currently working with Caritas on a documentary that will promote the organization’s Centre of Learning for the Barkly community. Another Screen Production team is collaborating with ABC Motors on a short video that will showcase the company’s culture.

We’ve also had the pleasure of welcoming 15 students from Le Bocage International School on campus: they came to discuss the ways in which our institutions could collaborate on service-learning projects, and we couldn’t be happier with the exchange. It marks the start of a promising partnership to help the country at large, and we look forward to share the news of our joint projects in the months to come.