Semester 1 2021 Orientation

By 244391c

March 3, 2021

Curtin Mauritius would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our newcomers! We are very excited to welcome all 361 of our new students, including our 33 International students who made the choice to study at Curtin Mauritius despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. Our first student exchange programme has also commenced with Toulouse Business School and we are very pleased to welcome 3 students from TBS who have chosen Curtin Mauritius on a semester exchange basis. In addition, one TBS student has chosen the Dual Degree programme whereby she will graduate with a TBS and a Curtin University degree.


We had the pleasure to welcome Mr Samer Kassem, the CEO of #AspenGLobal Inc as our guest speaker for the orientation event. Aspen is the largest offshore company present in Mauritius, with extensive global operations and over 200 local staff members. as our keynote speaker for the Orientation of our new students. By reflecting on his own personal journey, Mr Kassem gave an insightful and inspiring talk on our orientation theme #riseabove. He encouraged every student to #DreamBig, focus on #Friendship and #RiseAbove by embracing student life and hard work.


Curtin Mauritius looks forward to accompanying its new students on this new chapter of their lives!