Professor Eric Charoux and Mrs Odylle Charoux – Honorary Doctors

By 244391c

May 16, 2019

TAFE and Curtin Graduations were held in April and May 2019 with around 300 students graduating during both ceremonies. This was also the opportunity to recognise Professor Eric Charoux and Mrs Odylle Charoux for their outstanding contributions to the development of the Charles Telfair Institute, and more broadly to the promotion of higher education as a driver of economic and social advancement in Mauritius.

Both Prof and Mrs Charoux were awarded “Honorary Doctor of the University” from Curtin University.

In 1999, Prof and Mrs Charoux founded the DCDM Business School which then became the Charles Telfair Institute in 2007. Pioneers of private tertiary education in Mauritius, their steadfast belief in education consistently translated into quality student and course experiences as they continued to build human capital for the social and economic wellbeing of Mauritius.

The Charles Telfair Institute has contributed to significant capacity building in Mauritius, delivering over 11 000 graduates to date. Accordingly, Prof and Mrs Charoux were most worthy recipients of the award of Honorary Doctor of the University.