New Collaborative and Creative IT Environment

By 244391c

September 9, 2020

The Active IT learning space (ALS) provides a collaborative and creative environment for IT students to hone their coding and IT skills with expert support. When asked about the ALS, Dr Sarita Hardin-Ramanan, Head of the IT Faculty shared the rationale behind this dedicated IT space: “Gone are the days when IT learning would happen in isolation. IT skills are best acquired within a community of IT learners and, with the Office of Learning and Teaching, we realised that such a community needs a vibrant environment to work in teams, share knowledge, host industry events and organise fun IT activities. It’s only been a few months since the opening of the ALS and, already, we can feel a sense of belonging and observe the IT community forming.”

Curtin Mauritius students are equally excited about the ALS: “The IT active learning space is a great environment for us students to collaborate with not just our tutors but also with our peers. It feels really nice to have a modern and fully equipped space which we can call our own and where we can code and create!”

The space is open every day for students to use for group work, coding and support. The ALS will also soon be the venue for IT challenges, industry networking events and be the meeting place for the upcoming TelfairNet Computer Society.