Jon Sanders: No Plastics Ocean plan

By 244391c

December 4, 2019

We were very proud to welcome Mr Jon Sanders, 80 years old Australian yachtsman, at the Caudan Waterfront. In his 34 foot Perie Banou II, he has circumnavigated the globe solo 10 times. This new adventure, which has brought him to Mauritius, is in aid of keeping our oceans clean whereby Jon is taking water samples for a Curtin University research team as part of the ‘No Plastics Ocean plan’. Analysis of the samples will reveal to researchers, the amount of plastic and plastic microbes present in the most remote waters of the world. After Mauritius, Jon will sail to Cape Town and continue his way to different parts of the world.

“Never..never say Never…”, these are the words of Jon Sanders when being asked if this adventure will be his last.
Mr Sanders is a very positive inspiration for us all and we wish him all the best in his journey. On behalf of Curtin Mauritius, thank-you for contributing to a better world for the next generation.