Director of the Curtin Centre for Marine Science & Technology visits Mauritius

By 244391c

May 16, 2019

Professor Christine Erbe recently visited Mauritius to explore areas of collaboration. Prof Erbe forged a brilliant career for herself, having worked in academia, industry and in government. She’s a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, the Chair of the Animal Bioacoustics Technical Committee of the Acoustical Society of America, and the Australian Government representative of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) working group on standardising underwater noise measurements of vessels.

Her interests lie in underwater sound in all its ambient, anthropogenic and biological manifestations. She’s had students studying dolphin populations by photo-ID and signature whistles, and has many students in Australia working on marine megafauna populations, focussing particularly on the behaviour of whales and our species’ impact on their lives. She also studies underwater soundscapes, coral reefs and their fauna.

Professor Erbe came to Mauritius to identify marine science research and conservation needs, and identify potential collaborators for research projects. Her visit could not come at a better time, when rapidly accelerating climate change is destroying swathes of our sea life. Visits included the Mauritius Oceanography institute, the Mauritius Research Council, the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society and, of course the Australian High commission.