Curtin Mauritius Graduation Ceremony

325 Curtin students graduated on Friday 3 May 2019 at the Trianon Convention Centre in the presence of Prof Deborah Terry, Vice Chancellor Curtin University and Dr Andrew Crane, Chancellor Curtin University.  The Vice Chancellor highlighted that 2019 was an important year for Curtin Mauritius as it marked 15 years since Curtin programmes were offered in Mauritius.  In her concluding address to all graduates present she added: “I hope that you are all leaving us today feeling that your aspirations, your world views, your skills and your capabilities have been shaped by your university experience. That is what a great education gives you – the capacity to think differently; to problem solve; to question practices and views that inhibit change; and the courage to take the necessary risks as you become the creators of a better future for us all”.

Graduation Ceremony Gallery