TAFE Awards

These consist of ‘vocational’ certificate and diploma courses which have a strong focus on the development of practical skills.  Successful completion of a TAFE diploma allows for direct entry into a Curtin University degree, often with credits for recognised prior learning.


TAFE Certificates

National ID: BSB30115 | Course ID: AVU7                 Certificate III in Business

National Code: CUA40715 | Course ID: AZN5           Certificate IV in Design

National Code: MSF40113 | Course ID: J741             Certificate IV in Interior Decoration  Only for continuing students

TAFE Diplomas

National ID: BSB50215 |  Course ID: AVU9               Diploma of Business

National Code: CUA50715 | Course ID: AZK6           Diploma of Graphic Design

National Code: MSF50213 | Course ID: J744            Diploma of  Interior Design and Decoration Only for continuing students