To achieve its mission, the research department has identified six objectives:

  1. Develop a culture of research
    Developing a research culture will ensure a smooth transition from ‘teaching’ to ‘teaching and research’
  2. Build capacity for undertaking research
    The Research Department will support the process of capacity building by providing academics with the appropriate skills and tools to undertake research
  3. Manage individualised maintenance plans
    The research department will setup and manage individualised AACSB maintenance plans for academics and provide adequate support to ensure that academic staff members are at all times compliant with AACSB requirements
  4. Setup policies and procedures
    Policies and procedures will be designed and continuously updated to ensure a smooth running of the department
  5. Secure collaboration with stakeholders
    The Research Department will seek and secure collaborative arrangements with various stakeholders in view of fulfilling its mission
  6. Monitor and report progress
    A monitoring and progress report mechanism will be put into place to ensure that timely and accurate reports are produced

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