Curtin Mauritius has embraced the challenge of developing career ready graduates by:

  • Providing Curtin Mauritius students with a number of industry experiences of increasing complexity through-out the duration of their studies
  • In addition to numerous in-curriculum activities, Curtin Mauritius works with its industry partners on developing the following  co-curricular Work Integrated Learning (WIL)  experiences for its students:

1) Industry events

2) Industry-based projects

3) Internships

4) Research assistance

What’s in it for our students?

The experience is invaluable and plays an important role in their preparation for the work force. Through WIL activities within industry they:

  • Have the opportunity to apply the theory and skills they learn at university in a workplace
  • Experience corporate culture/ organisational behaviours
  • Test and showcase their graduate capabilities
  • Gain insights into potential job types that could interest them in the future
  • Develop networking opportunities for future employment